Instructions for Authors

Editorial Principles
Journal of Art & Design is published biannual by the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Anadolu University.
Journal of Art & Design is a refereed journal publishing articles in the field of Fine Arts. The manuscripts received are sent to related field editors by the Editor-in-Chief.  Field editors assign three academicians as referees.  Upon receiving the referees’ reports with at least two approvals, the field editors send the final report including their evaluation of the manuscript to the Graduate School of Fine Arts.  Approved manuscripts are accepted to be published. However, if any corrections or modifications are suggested by the referees, authors should resend the revised manuscript in one month as a word document.
The journal accepts manuscripts in the field of Fine Arts such as Plastic Arts, Design, Music, Performance Arts as well as interdisciplinary research papers. Manuscripts previously published, being accepted for publication or currently being considered for publication elsewhere will not be considered for publication.
The language of the journal is Turkish and English. Abstracts have to include the title, key words and author information.  Articles in English should also have abstracts in Turkish.
The author(s) are solely responsible for their articles.
More than one article of an author will not be published in the same issue.
Authors may send their manuscripts and submission declaration and verification document to the Graduate School or Fine Arts Secretarial by snail mail, email ( or in person. A letter should be attached to the manuscript indicating that it was submitted for publication in Journal of Art and Design with reference to its genre (Literature Review, Research Paper, Letter to Editor or Book Review). In addition, it is considered that authors confirm that their manuscript haven’t been published previously, accepted for publication, or currently being considered for publication elsewhere.
Journal of Art & Design accepts and publishes manuscripts prepared as follows:
 1. Literature Review:  Scientific and artistic studies on a specific subject based on a comprehensive review of related and recent literature
 2. Research Paper: An article written in scientific format on an original research.
 3. Letters to Editor: Comment, critique and corrections to the articles published in Journal of Art & Design.
 4. Book Review: Manuscripts written in scientific format in order to introduce books published in the field of art.
   1Manuscripts should be written as a word document (A4) using Times Roman 12 pt typeface with a space between them (1,5 characters). They must have marginal spaces that are 3 cm in right and 2,5 cm in left; 4 cm in top and 3 cm in bottom. Page numbers should be 10 pt typeface in the right bottom corner.
   2. Title, author name(s), academic title(s), affiliation(s), art major/department, abstract and key words (min 5 and max 7) should be placed on the first page of the manuscript. The second page should be the English version of the first page. The correspondence address including the author(s)’ postal address, telephone number and email address should be given as a footnote. If any, supporting institution(s) etc should be indicated as a footnote as well.

  1. Abstract should not be more than 100 words for literature review and research papers; and 50 words for letter to editor. Abstracts should not contain equation, reference, shortening, etc.
  2. Notation and abbreviations should be standard for the field of art/science or should be defined in the footnote on the page they appear.

   5. Articles should be organized as INTRODUCTION, RELATED SUBTITLES and CONCLUSION.

  1. Visuals like photographs, graphics, drawings etc. should be 300 dpi and in the .jpeg or .tif format. The tag should be complete and placed below the visual. In addtion, the list of visuals and related resources should be given in the references section. 

   7. In-text references should be in The American Psychological Association (APA) format.
For detailed information and examples about the references and citations, please go to the following link:ım-kılavuzu