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  •  Owner: On behalf of Anadolu University, Rector Prof. Dr. Naci GÜNDOĞAN


  • Editor-in-chief: Prof. Dr. Münevver ÇAKI
  • Editor: Assoc. Prof. Nurbiye UZ
  • EditorAssoc. Prof. H. Bülent AKDENİZ
  • Editorial Director: Nida ERKAL
  • Assistant Editorial Director:  Gaye KÖSTENCE
  • Assistant Editorial Director: Ebru ÖZEN
  • Public Relations: Sıdıka ATEŞ
  • Graphic Designer: Arş. Gör. Deniz DALMAN
  • Cover Desingners: Öğr. Gör. Cemalettin YILDIZ, Arş. Gör. Deniz DALMAN    

ISSN :  2146-7692

Anadolu University Journal of Art and Desing is a national refereed journal that has an editorial board.The journal is published twice a year.
The Editor-in-Chief and the related Editor evaluate the submissions in terms of scientific quality, ethics and research methods.If they deem appropriate, the manuscripte are sent to three referees, all experts in the related field. In line with the suggestions of referees, the manuscripts are published with or without corrections, or rejected.The reports of referees are kept in the archives of the journal for ten years.